Solar Buddies - The child friendly sunscreen applicators
1 BLUE Solar Buddy

1 BLUE Solar Buddy

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The Solar Buddies are the world’s first child-friendly, refillable sunscreen applicators.

Apply sunscreen the easy way, with less mess and no waste.

To use, simply unscrew the head, fill with your favorite sunscreen, pop the lid back on and you’re good to go! It really is that simple!

Solar Buddies work with most sunscreens. We advise not to use oily or watery type sunscreens (e.g Sprays) as they can leak. For us conventional sunscreens from ‘squeezy’ bottles work best. Thicker creams can work but may need a little help getting to a roller ball. If you have any questions about the best products to use please do get in touch!


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Solar Buddies are the world’s first child-friendly, refillable sunscreen applicators.
Less mess.
No waste or messy hands.
Holds 100ml.
Use with a sunscreen of your choice.
Applicator sold as an empty vessel. Sunscreen not included. Use with a sunscreen of your choice.

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  1. A really brilliant design. You can’t go wrong – pick your suncream, fill the lid, put it back together and you’re good to go.

    • Thank you for your kind comments.

      Kelli and Laura

  2. Ingenious idea. Beautifully designed and the kids actually love it enough to use it and apply their sun scream themselves. Great value to boot.

  3. Absolutely brilliant idea! I hate putting suncream on myself let alone my little one! So easy to apply and my four year old loves to do it by herself. Thank you


  4. I got really excited when I first saw these so I bought 2 straight away! They are brilliant. As someone who had skin cancer in my 20s you can imagine how careful I am in the sun, not only for myself but for my children especially. Unfortunately I absolutely hate applying sun cream! These made it so easy and mess free. We used these on holiday for myself, my husband and our 7 and 3 year old daughters. I think what I like most is that it makes it so much easier to reapply your sunscreen while you’re out and about.
    The sponge applicator on one has come away now but as it had some pretty heavy use I would think this is to be expected, and despite this I think it is still well worth the money. These will be a permanent fixture in our summers. Thank you for coming up with such a simple, but clever idea

    • Hi Kristina
      Thank you for your kind comments and we are so pleased that you have all enjoyed using the buddies and that they have worked well for you all. I hope that you are well now and we totally understand your concern to being extremely careful in the sun.
      The heads are replaceable and can be purchased online whenever you need a replacement.
      Again thank you

      kelli and laura

  5. Absolutely fantastic product, my kids now enjoy applying sun screen whereas before they hated it. So easy to apply too. Very happy customer 🙂

  6. Amazing product! Love it for how quick and easy it makes applying sun cream on my children (and myself/husband!) and they are keen to use it which is a wonderful change from the screaming I used to get! Its real value though is for my daughter to use at school: she can reapply sun cream at lunchtime effectively by herself saving her from the sunburn others in her class have suffered from.
    Thank you for your brilliant idea!

  7. I have just ordered this for my son who has hemiplegia cerebral palsy and only uses one arm. You really should consider promoting this towards disabled clients as it promotes independence. If you would like some contacts from me I am more than happy to help.

    • Hi apologies if we did not respond straight away to this message but thank you for you order and for the suggestion. We think your right, this is what we love about the Solar Buddie, it gives the child the independence to try something that they may have normally struggled with. If you think we can help out in anyway by means of contacts with groups or associations then please let us know, we are more than happy to send some information across. Again apologies if we didn’t respond when this was sent. Kelli & Laura x

  8. I recently purchased one of these for my self for the sun ive had skin cancer so I have to put sun cream on a lot I get really fed up sometimes , so I brought one of these and they are brilliant , I can just put it in my bag and take it with me , thanks

    • Hi Debbie

      Thank you for your kind comments and we are very pleased that our buddies help. Hope you are now well and any feedback is great for us thank you again. xx

  9. We got one just this week and it’s absolutely amazing. We haven’t been on holiday yet but my son has eczema so we thought we’d try his daily cream in the solar buddie and he loves it. It goes on with great coverage and he doesn’t run away from me Think we’ll have to buy another one for sun cream and keep this one for his eczema cream.

  10. Absolutely fantastic product, used it for the first time today and was so impressed I ordered 3 more for family members, so easy and quick to apply and my 1yo loved it, no fuss and no chasing her around with hands full of cream, excellent!!

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