Solar Buddies - The child friendly sunscreen applicators

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“This is an excellent idea and one which we are very happy to support.  It has always been a big concern to us, that children might be unable to apply their own suncream during lunchtime sessions and outdoor play lessons.  Solarbuddies can give parents some comfort, knowing their child will be adequately protected.”

Gill Nuttall, founder of Melanoma UK

“The Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research Fund is proud to be partnered with Solar Buddies. Their child friendly applicators are a brilliant invention, which not only encourage children to apply sun protection, but also develop good habits at the right time. The Solar Buddies team has also joined us to help Blow the Whistle on Sunburn, by using our guidelines to educate school children on the importance of sun protection.”

Harry Townsend, Founder – Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research Fund

“I have been delighted to work with Kelli and Laura over the last 18 months as they have designed, developed and promoted this amazing product. It has been fantastic to see two stay at home mums from my constituency taking on such a huge issue. They have risen to every challenge in order to get the Solar Buddies applicator to school children around the UK.”

Lynne Neagle, AM for Torfaen

“The Solar Buddies are a great product for the family. My boys love using their Buddies and I no longer have to pester them to put on sunscreen – which is great. Not only are the Buddies a great, innovative product, but Kelli and Laura’s enthusiasm for spreading the sun safety message and passion for the Buddies is addictive.”

Hayley Parsons, founder and former CEO of

“Having lost my own brother to skin cancer, I know only too well how important the sun safe message is. Anything we as a society can do to help protect and educate our children on the dangers of exposure to the sun is vital, and that’s why I support Solar Buddies.

Kelli and Laura’s passion and drive to invent this product which allows children to apply sunscreen independently is wonderful and I wish them every success with the Solar Buddies.”

Pauline Latham OBE, MP for Mid Derbyshire and Chair of the Melanoma Taskforce

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